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Consult your Doctor and avoid Self-Medication, however small the problem may be.
Always carry a prescription to buy medicines.
Check expiry date of Medicines on the label while buying.
Store medicines in a cool and dry place and away from reach of children.
Buy your medicines from a licensed chemist and insist on a cash memo.
Talk to your Doctor if any allergy or reaction occurs.
Always take medicines for the full duration of treatment, as advised by the Doctor.
Retain the cash memo till you consume the medicines. It may be useful in case of investigations of adverse reaction or other complaints.
Always carry your medication and prescription, wherever you travel.
Always use the cup or measuring device supplied with the medicine when taking the liquid preparation, syrups etc.

Never buy Tampered or Damaged Medicines.
Never take anyone else’s prescription medication.
Never skip a dose and if you do, consult your Doctor.
Never consume the medicines, if it has crossed expiry date.
Never hide any information related to your Health from your Doctor.
Never reuse medicines without consulting your Doctor. It could be dangerous.
Never crush pills or open capsules to make easier to swallow, unless advised by your Doctor.

Refill Prescription

Please complete the information for Refill Precription for each prescription. When submitted, you will receive a message regarding the status of your prescription order.

Refill Prescription


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